what is blink 182? I have blink more than 182 times today

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"why are you so shy"
literally the dumbest question to ask a shy person ever (via n-ephthys)
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i wanna meet the male version of me 

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closest i’ve gotten to sex??? i texted my friend “one sex” once instead of “one sec”

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its 2014 stop caring what boys want you to look like start paying more attention in school make some genuine friends and dont give a damn what anyone has to say about you


can we please stop complimenting people by comparing them to ourselves?

“you’re so good looking and I’m just over here like a potato” no. stop.
a compliment is supposed to make someone feel good, not make two people feel bad or awkward.

stop self depreciating compliments 2k14

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do u ever get annoyed by ur own dumb face when u see it in pictures like oh god. not u again. i thought i got rid of u with the rest of my tamagotchis

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when u hear someone singing frozen in public


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